Day in My Life: The Ikea of Grocery Stores and Getting Lost

On Wednesdays we typically have field studies for our various courses. Today I didn’t have one for any of mine, so I took the opportunity to sleep in. I made an omelette and some coffee for breakfast and spent the morning watching Netflix and doing a bit of homework.

In the afternoon my friend Kaelyn and I set out on an adventure to the infamous ICA Maxi. ICA is the normal grocery store that we shop at, they’re located all over the city in varying sizes and this is where we can use our grocery stipend! Keep in mind that the ICA near me in Södermalm is probably a quarter of the size of one floor of this one, and thats if I’m being generous.

ICA Maxi is a whole other beast – consider it the Target of Sweden: home goods, clothes, an entire energy drink aisle, a bakery, a candy store….

It truly reminded me of a grocery store in the United States, seemingly endless with way too many options (I’ve noticed that there’s far less options here, which makes grocery shopping faster and easier). I felt at home in the overwhelming maze of florescent lighting. It felt like the Ikea of grocery stores, and I will most definitely be returning.

I was on the search for pancake mix, which I’ve been looking for for WEEKS – I didn’t find it but I did find waffle mix which I’m pretty sure is identical (right?). I also grabbed a new toothbrush, pesto, and some Celcius (very weird haul I know). If you’re a Celcius fiend like I am, you’ll be happy to know that there are a few unique flavors here (AND they were only $1 at this store)!

Everything was going great until it was time to return to T-Centralen. We just needed to find an entrance to the Tunnelbana, you would think this would be easy enough right? I mean we did get off somewhere. Well, Apple Maps took us to a construction site…

We spent 20 minutes walking around until we finally followed a herd of people and found the temporary metro entrance. (In those 20 minutes we were convinced there was no hope and we would have to camp on the side of the road for the night)

After arriving back at T-Centralen, and struggling to find my way to the correct exit as per usual, I headed to Fabrique to meet some classmates (super cute cafe right near Central Station, I recommend). I grabbed some fika, which consisted of a matcha and chocolate croissant for me (I ate it too quickly to capture a photo, I’m sorry). We worked on a presentation about Core Course Week for Forensic Psychology and then I headed home!

On my metro ride home I witnessed a gorgeous sunset near Gamla Stan 🙂

Crazy to think I’ve been here for a whole month – but hey I’ve only gotten lost twice!

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